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Our progress

We are taking steps to improve outcomes for Aboriginal children and young people. This includes:

  • DCJ's ongoing engagement with the Aboriginal Knowledge Circle  and the Aboriginal Outcomes Taskforce (AOT). This continues to strengthen and enhance the work undertaken in our response to the recommendations. DCJ continues to work with these groups to ensure Aboriginal-led advice is at the heart of our response.
  • Implementing the Aboriginal Case Management Policy in partnership with AbSec. A number of resources have been published to support practitioners applying the key enablers to promote improved practice with Aboriginal children and families. A series of internal workshops have been held and workshops with community will soon be commencing.
  • Undertaking an evaluation of the Family Group Conferencing (FGC) program to understand its efficacy and acceptability for families who participate in a FGC.
  • Districts being supported by the DCJ Aboriginal Care Review Team to implement the 3000+ Family is Culture individual case recommendations. As of June 2021, 94% of individual recommendations have been finalised by districts and remaining recommendations have a plan in place to achieve them and are at varying stages of implementation.

We have a long way to go in improving outcomes for Aboriginal children and families. These initiatives are the first foundations to support greater change.

To see more information of how we are responding to the recommendations, check out the Progress Report below.

Progress Report

We have developed the Family is Culture response progress report to demonstrate how we are responding to the 125 systemic recommendations made in the review.

Current Progress Report

Past Progress Reports

You can view and download previous reports below:

The progress report was designed to be accessible and easy to follow, we welcome any feedback to improve this experience.