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Assistant Ombudsman, Strategic Projects Division, NSW Ombudsman

Julianna Demetrius

Julianna is currently Assistant Ombudsman, Strategic Projects, with a career that spans 17 years. The Strategic Projects division houses the Aboriginal Unit, with a team of investigators and a Community Education and Training Unit. Julianna is responsible for overseeing large-scale systemic investigations across the human services and justice sectors, and leads the office’s child and family project work. Julianna led the Ombudsman’s three-year audit of Aboriginal Child Sexual Assault and prior to that, and for 12 years conducted the Ombudsman audits into service delivery to Aboriginal communities in NSW. Julianna worked with the Grandmothers Against Removal to develop the Guiding Principles for strengthening the participation of local Aboriginal communities in child protection decision making, and now works closely with the Aboriginal Deputy Ombudsman to oversee the implementation of Aboriginal programs.