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About the artwork

About the artist

Charmaine Mumbulla is a Kaurna and Narungga woman from the Yorke Peninsula, with family ties to the Gumbaynggirr people of the NSW Mid North Coast. Together with her partner she runs an Aboriginal creative agency called Mumbulla Creative. Charmaine is passionate about working on projects that support social justice. She works closely with organisations to tell their stories through her art.

About the FIC response artwork

A large inter-generational family is at the centre of the artwork, sharing kinship and culture and nurturing a sense of identity and spiritual belonging in their children.

The pathways represent the many journeys that families can take in a complex landscape of government policies and practices. These policies and practices help shape the journey towards better outcomes for families.

On the outer periphery of the artwork are five icons, which represent the five themes of NSW Government’s recommendations in response to the Family is Culture report:

  • Stronger oversight and accountability
  • Improving data collection and reporting
  • Better casework policy and practice
  • Enhanced services and supports
  • Changing care and protection legislation

A range of recommendations and strategies will be developed under these themes to achieve better outcomes for Aboriginal families and children on their journey within the NSW child protection system

About the FIC report artwork

Front cover

A silhouetted child stands with their hands pressed against a window looking outside. The child watches his family spending

time together outdoors under the canopy of a gum tree. The family represents belonging. A creek in the foreground, separates the child from his family. A flock of cockatoos fly past suggesting joy and freedom.

Rear cover

The artwork on the rear of the report captures the moment of reunion between the child and his family. The child runs freely towards his family, as there is no longer any separation between them. They are overjoyed to see each other.